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Figurative Works

Millet Series

The peasant labourers painted and drawn by French nineteenth century artist Jean-François Millet provide a wealth of sculptural inspiration. The sculpturally clad figures are animated by intense activity or exhausted repose of their physical labour.

Balthus Series

These figure studies are drawn from the French artist Balthus' paintings of his young model Thérèse Blanchard. The striking poses and enigmatic mood of Thérèse proved inspiring for sculptural translation.

Théâtre de Picasso

Among Pablo Picasso’s enormous output of artwork are numerous sketches for theatre and circus costume design. These are used with motifs from the sets to construct this sculpture series.


This is sculptures oldest subject and Abby enjoys both the challenge posed by portraiture and the use of figures as structural elements in her work. Abby closely observes her subjects, getting to know them and choosing the pose which will best convey the particularity of the subject

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Millet SeriesBalthus SeriesTheatre de Picasso SeriesHuman Figures Series